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Professional Designation Policy


Policy and procedure on reviewing and revoking IPM Professional Designations

Professional Designations

The Institute of People Management’s membership structure is designed to recognise HR Professionals according to their levels of knowledge and competence. IPM membership eligibility is determined by satisfying the minimum education and/or knowledge, skills and experience requirements as laid out in the IPM Membership Criteria for different levels of membership.

Each membership level carries with it a professional designation as stated here


The Institute of People Management’s Membership and Professional Development Committee meets regularly to discuss issues pertaining to IPM Professional Membership and Professional Development.  The committee is tasked with reviewing key policies, principles and processes and ensuring they remain relevant and fit for purpose.  They can also revoke professional designations awarded.

The grounds for revocation include:

  • conviction of a crime arising out of the members performance or non-performance of professional duties
  • disciplinary or employment action (such as suspension, termination, demotion or transfer) by the employer against the member, arising from the members performance or non-performance of professional duties
  • breach of the IPM Code of Conduct
  • lack of compliance with the IPM Continuing Professional Development Policy.

IPM members are accorded with the duty to report to the Committee if they are aware of grounds for revocation.  Any person, organization or employer may also report to the IPM Membership and Professional Development Committee, grounds where revocation may be required.




  1. Inform IPM in writing of the member (or yourself if you are self-reporting) and the grounds on which revocation is justified in your belief.
  2. IPM will confirm that the individual is in current membership and has been awarded a professional designation through membership.
  3. IPM will inform the member and will ask the member to supply their own comments and any relevant supporting information.
  4. IPM Membership and Professional Development Committee will hear all the evidence supplied.They will decide if there are sufficient grounds for revocation.
  5. The IPM Committee is also able to schedule a hearing to receive/consider further evidence, and the member has the right to appear at this hearing.
  6. The final decision is taken by the Committee as to whether the designations are revoked and membership is withdrawn.
  7. The member and/or the individual who reported the grounds for revocation will be notified about the outcome.
  8. The member has the right to appeal.

Any committee member with direct economic or personal interest in the hearing’s outcome is not permitted to participate in the process.

A member who has had their professional designation revoked may not use the IPM designation or logos in any manner.  The individual is not permitted to represent to any person, organization, employer or potential employer that they have the designation and they must take full responsibility for updating all information to reflect the revoking of the designation, including in all online profiles.

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