Our membership package benefits and services are designed to equip HR professionals with the information and practical tools they need to strategically influence and make a positive impact in the workplace.

    IPM offers Individual and Corporate Membership.

    The IPM is committed to bringing value to its individual members. Our approach of "One Size Fits One" allows us to offer laser-precise benefits to our individual members across the different professional designations. 

    Corporate membership allows multiple memberships to be taken out within the same organisation at a discounted rate. And these members can change representative members at their convenience if employees leave or join the organisation and they are eligible to apply for professional designation. 


    Generic Membership Benefits for Individuals

    The IPM is committed to bringing value to its individual members. Our approach of "One Size Fits One" allows us to offer laser-precise benefits to our individual members across the different professional designations. This includes but isn't limited to;


    Professional Development:


    • All our members in good standing have access to exclusive webinars, workshops, seminars, and conferences focused on the latest trends, best practices, and emerging issues in HR and people management.
    • Our members will have endless opportunities for continuous learning and skill development to stay updated with industry trends


    Networking Opportunities

    • Join our online networking opportunities where your peers and professionals in the industry share knowledge about hot issues in organisations
    • Join our quarterly in-person networking events
    • Access our community of HR and people management professionals for networking and knowledge sharing.
    • Exclusive invite to forums, discussion groups, and events where members can connect with peers, mentors, and industry experts.


    Resources and Research

    • Access to research reports, whitepapers, case studies, and industry insights related to HR and people management through the IPM knowledge hub
    • Access online libraries or databases with a collection of resources to assist members in their daily work and decision-making processes.


    Certifications and Training

    • The IPM, through its academy, has partnered with other industry professional bodies, educational institutions, private training providers, and consulting firms to offer recognised certifications and training
    • Our members receive discounted rates on certifications, credential programs, and training courses that enhance members' professional qualifications and maintain membership status


    Career Development

    The IPM has partnered with career development organisations to assist our members with career development opportunities. To this end, the IPM will share; 

    • Job boards or job listings exclusively for members, providing access to HR-related job opportunities through our digital platform
    • Career development resources, including resume assistance, interview coaching, and career advice.


    Advocacy and Representation

    • Representation of members' interests and concerns at regulatory and legislative levels, advocating for HR-related policies and regulations that benefit the profession.
    • Involvement in shaping industry standards and practices through participation in committees and working groups.


    Peer Support and Mentoring

    • Opportunity to take part in our mentorship programs where subject matter specialists are connected with those newer to the profession and field
    • Through our community forums, members will access peer support networks that provide a platform to seek advice, share experiences, and receive guidance



    • IPM members have access to our monthly digital magazine
    • IPM members will be profiled every month
    • Moreover, members will have access to subscriptions to industry publications, magazines, newsletters, and journals that cover the latest trends, research, and developments in HR and people management.


    Discounts and Benefits

    • IPM members will receive discounts on services, and events such as conferences, seminars, and workshops as well as accredited training programmes
    • Access to exclusive partner offers on professional tools and resources.


    Recognition and Awards

    • Opportunity to nominate or be nominated for the IPM Excellence Awards to promote your brand and your organisation.

    Generic Membership Benefits for Corporates

    At IPM, we believe that true partnership begins with understanding the developmental needs of our members. While each corporate member might have different needs, being a corporate member gives you access to the following benefits; 


    Employee Development Programs

    • All members have an opportunity to access specialised training and development programs for HR and management teams, helping them stay current with industry best practices and regulations.



    Customised Workshops and Consultations

    • Our dedicated team of consultants will work with your organisation to conduct a tailored skills analysis for the development of effective customised programs for your organisation, especially HR and people management teams.



    Networking and Collaboration

    • Upon request and to foster industry collaboration, the IPM will arrange opportunities for HR professionals within their organisations to connect with peers from other related companies, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration.


    Benchmarking and Best Practices

    • The IPM through its partners will provide access to benchmarking data and industry best practices to help the organisation optimise its HR strategies and policies.


    • Exclusive access to research reports, whitepapers, and industry insights that can inform decision-making and strategic planning.


    Policy and Regulatory Updates

    • Our corporate partners will have access to timely information on changing HR-related laws, regulations, and compliance requirements to ensure the organisation remains up-to-date and compliant.


    Leadership Development

    • Opportunities for the organisation's HR leaders to participate in leadership development programs, enhancing their skills as strategic business partners.
    • Profile the Leaders of the organisation through speaking opportuniteis, people dynamics magazine, etc.


    Advocacy and Representation

    • Representation of the organisation's interests in HR-related matters at regulatory and legislative levels through the HR and people management body's advocacy efforts.


    Corporate Recognition

    • The IPM will award an endorsement status to its corporate members (badge/banner)
    • Opportunity to be recognised as a corporate member of the year based on member participation, development, and growth



    Access to HR Tools and Resources:

    • Our members will have exclusive access to HR-related tools, templates, and resources that can streamline processes and improve efficiency within the organisation.


    Discounts and Preferential Pricing

    • Special rates for attending conferences, seminars, workshops, and training programs organised by the IPM throughout the year


    Thought Leadership and Speaking Opportunities

    • Opportunities for the organisation's HR leaders to contribute to industry events, conferences, and publications as thought leaders.


    Tailored Research and Consulting Services

    • Customised research projects or consulting services to address specific HR challenges faced by the organisation.


    Collaborative Projects and Initiatives

    • Involvement in collaborative projects, research initiatives, and working groups with other corporate members to address industry-wide challenges.


    Access to Industry Experts

    • Access to a network of industry experts, consultants, and advisors who can provide guidance and insights on HR strategies.


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