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The report covers critical learnings and recommendations for leaders, coaches, human capital managers and HR directors to develop a high-performance culture while understanding the neuroscience behind it.

The success of any organization depends directly on effectively making use of human resources. The

Managing Enterprise Wellness with ancientGreek wisdom

Nine thought leaders map out everything you need
to know—and do—in 2016 and beyond. 

Deloitte’s Human Capital professionals leverage research, analytics,and industry insights to help design and execute the HR, talent,leadership, organization, and change programs that enable 

Charlotte Wittenkamp
Building Bridges across Cultural Differences
Why don’t I follow your norms? 

People around the world are reevaluating their priorities. As an employer, are you still meeting the needs of your workforce? Companies that don’t evolve risk losing their most valuable resource

Offering the right compensation is one of the keys to attract and retain the best talent. This is especially important as organizations face the great resignation and a future of shrinking talent pools.

These resources were selected by Erik van Vulpen: a leader in HR innovation and driving force behind the Analytics in HR blog, now part of He has used his expertise to create a list of articles, reports

This is the first in a series of 15 books looking at the world of work and people and what 2025 will be like. Somewhat hopefully, somewhat practically, maybe somewhat scarily.

This study guide provides an overview of the most important topics and current debates covered in Human Resource Management (HRM) field at undergraduate level. Its aim is to help students

Working in Human Resources can be hugely satisfying but challenging. We know: the two of us have been doing it for years (more than we’d care to admit)! It can occasionally be a thankless task as it

A coaching perspective for leaders and managers – Lesley Sage & Lynne Walley


“Every employee needs and deserves coaching because there is a staggering amount of untapped

Managing Human Resources in a Knowledge Economy

Insights for the modern recruiter on what talent wants in South Africa


The myths and realities of teamwork will be told through a series of milestones (chapters) on a journey 

Why 360 Assessments should be at the heart of your talent strategy. 

Resolving the case of PAC Resources requires you to have a fundamental knowledge of human resource practices and general business management. You should have previously completed lower-division classes in human resource management, introduction to

Organisational cultural transformation as a lever for driving high performance unpacked by S’ne Mkhize | Senior Vice President | Sasol at the 2014 IPM convention.  

This global report, the third conducted by The Boston Consulting Group and the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA), examines critical trends in people management by exploring 22 key HR topics that our Creating People Advantage research has explored every year since 2007. 

Technology has enabled businesses to expand their capacity and hire the best and brightest regardless of location. This new global workforce gives recruiters access to a large, diverse, global talent pool. At the same time, this diversity has also created new challenges. 

HR that enables high performance builds cultural capital through an integrated strategy and leadership effectiveness.

How to get the right man / woman for the job – Russell HR Consulting