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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

IPM strongly supports Continuing Professional Development for all professionals.

We encourage our members to engage in a process of lifelong learning,


Principle and process of CPD

  • Members must take individual responsibility for their own professional development
  • They must maintain a record of CPD activities undertaken throughout the year.
  • A range of activities should be undertaken in order to build up CPD over the year.

Activities can be broken down into verifiable and non-verifiable activities, and for verifiable activities evidence of attendance and or completion must be supplied such as in the form of a certificate or assessment of work.

Designated Members are expected to complete a CPD log evidencing activities that count towards a total points allocation of 18 points per calendar year.

 Guidance on the IPM Points Based CPD System.

  • 18 points must be accumulated and evidenced over the membership year (12 months).
  • Points must come from a range of activities.
  • Total points for one membership year (12 months) cannot all be allocated to the same type of activity, for example, attending conferences.
  • There should be a mix of structured and informal learning or self-directed learning.
Activity Points value
Degree, Diploma or Certificate 16 points – study duration 1 year 12 points – study duration 8 months or less 6 points – study duration 4 months or less
Courses, training events, conferences 3 points per full day, 1.5 points per half day
Breakfast & evening events 1.5 point
E-Learning (webinars, podcasts, online video) 1 point for each session
Project work 9 points for involvement in projects duration 6 months – 1 year 5 points projects of less than 6 months
Delivering training (Facilitation) 6 points for each training session or presentation delivered outside of normal scope of work – including voluntary basis.
Mentoring / coaching 2 points for each session
Reading books 2 points for each HR/Business book read
Authoring books 14 points for a book you author or 9 as co-author
Reading articles, blogs, engaging on social platforms 0,5 point per activity Maximum of 6 points can be claimed in this section.
Authoring articles 3 points per article
Blogging 2 points per blog you write, 10 points for maintaining a regular blog (at least monthly post)
Committee participation 9 points for attending meetings and contributions. You must attend at least 75% of meetings to claim the full 6 points. Only one committee participation to be claimed per year with attendance register as POE
Judging award submissions 9 points for judging of IPM award submissions, or other HR/People awards.
Volunteering   9 points for work related or community benefit voluntary work, using HR or business skills (3 points per day, 1.5 points per half day)  
• When you sign and renew your Membership, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct and our CPD principles and processes.
Our Vision & Mission

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The IPM vision is to be a global portal of thought leadership in HR and people management.


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