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2019 IPM Excellence Awards Winners

We had the following possessions available to apply"

2019 IPM Business Leader of the Year

Professor Keolebogile Shirley Motaung
Professor Motaung is a Biomedical scientist and the assistant dean in charge of Postgraduate Studies, Research, Innovation and Engagement at the Tshwane University of Technology. Her passions include turning research ideas into viable businesses and mentoring young black females by delegating to and trusting them in her business Global Health Biotech. Her focus on uplifting previously disadvantaged young black females isn’t, however, constrained to her own business ventures and she focusses on teaching entrepreneurial skills, equipping her students to compete in a market where jobs can be scarce. Professor Motaung, in collaboration with other universities, has both hosted and taken young talent to international conferences in the scientific field. The result of these ventures has been international collaboration and the upliftment of many young ladies. Professor Motaung continuously tells the girls “always have a dream” and we have no doubt that her journey of enriching young talent in our country is far from done.

2019 IPM Business Leader of the Year

Dr McLean Sibanda
Dr Sibanda who, until recently, held the position of CEO of The Innovation Hub joined Bigen Group as Executive: Investments and Concessions in July 2018. Dr Sibanda’s focus is on public-private partnerships, concessions and other investments. One of Dr Sibanda’s goals is to uplift communities by, inter alia, providing infrastructure and has found a deep personal connection to Bigen’s mantra of “doing good while doing business”. Through an intentional partnering ethos, communities in South Africa and up into the rest of Africa are uplifted through a unique ownership model focusing on the triple bottom line. With this broad focus, not only Profits but People and Planet are also the measures of success and education programmes are built into the process, teaching local communities about green initiatives and sustainability. Dr Sibanda’s idea of a fearless leader is one who leaves Africa in a better place. When choosing who to partner with Dr Sibanda is adamant about one thing – “only partner with businesses who treat their employees well” as this is a predictor of the business’s ethical stance and therefore sustainability across all three measures. We are confident that Dr Sibanda will continue making a huge impact on peoples lives throughout this great continent.

2019 IPM HR Director of the Year

Phillip Tshikotshi

  • His current role as Head: Human Resources is to champion the people and culture strategy for all the Startek sites in South Africa while also serving as one of the Executive Committee (EXCO) members for the organization;
  • He is passionate about talent development and invests most of his time in mentoring young leaders as well as driving the succession planning strategy.

Some of the key achievements:

  1. HR Leader of the year – Future of HR Awards, 2018
  2. Recognition from Department of Labour for “Innovative Hiring Initiatives”, June 2018
  3. Certificate of Recognition – Graduate Hiring, University of Johannesburg, November 2018
  4. Global HR Award for Model BPO Centre HR, India, 2018
  5. Global HR Award for Excellence in Talent services and Governance”, India, 2018

2019 IPM Emerging Practitioner of the Year

Reitumetse (Tumi) Nkwane
Reitumetse (Tumi) Nkwane is the assistant HR Manager at Startek South Africa. Tumi joined her organisation as a temp 10 years ago and she has grown to be a role model and force to reckon with over the years. She is responsible for Staff Engagement Activities, IR Related issues, Staff Retention, Culture Champion (Re branding), on-boarding amongst many things. Over and above her normal duties, Tumi has been nominated to be the only (South Africa) Culture Champion in a headcount of 1900+ in her organisation. As a Culture Champ, she has been tasked with implementing and driving change management (driving the vision, mission, values, and purpose and culture pillars). She is expected to coach, inspire and lead people across the organisation to embrace change. Tumi is a top performer. She has won the Manqoba Top performer award in her organisation in 2018 and 2019 consecutively.

2019 IPM HR Practitioner of the Year

Virginia Mashomo – Petra Diamonds Limited 

  • Is currently HR Manager for Koffiefontein Diamond Mine, overseeing the HR Generalist function;
  • She holds a B-Tech degree in Human Resources Management, a qualified Skills Development Facilitator and an assessor supported by an ETDP qualification and also in her pocket, not to mention many she has obtained an Advanced Programme in Labour Law. Virginia is a very passionate and an experienced HR generalist with an extensive experience of more than fourteen years in the mining industry;
  • Her top career successes
  • finalist in the Rising Star Awards-SA in the Mining & Minerals Category
  • being a formatter contributor in the Rising Star Annual 3rd Publication-2018 with subject “Leaders who produce Leaders”
  • reducing absenteeism and combating sick leave to less than 1%
  • A product of Super Leaders programme where she was awarded a recognition of the “Best Reporter”
  • leads a successful and productive team of 47 employees and enjoys being part of the results-driven and competitive team through managing, motivating and training of staff;
  • She has proven to be a leader that thrives in working in a highly pressurised and challenging working environments,
  • She is an author and a founder of a non-profit organisation which focuses on community improvement work, outreach projects, networking platforms for women and mentoring initiatives programmes for young people (motivation classes for learners) and conducting prison counselling and visits.

2019 IPM Hr Team of the Year 2019

Startek HR Team
The Startek HR Team is the main driver of people and business strategy. We are responsible ensuring that people are well taken care of while ensuring that business process are not suffering at the same time. We conduct and manage employee surveys to check employee satisfaction and business performance. We conduct employee engagement and CSI activities, outdoor and community outreach recruitment drives and roadshows.
Some of the key achievements:

  • HR Global Award for Excellence in Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.
  • The only BPO that participated in the Gauteng Youth Expo 2018 in partnership with Department of Labour.
  • Participation in the Impact Sourcing hiring initiative in partnership with eThekwini Mayoral Office.

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